Thursday, 28 November 2013

3 for the price of 1

Its Friday, and I have to head to work soon :(  But on a positive, I found a stack of captions that I'd done a couple of months back that I thought I'd lost, but for some strange reason, I remembered they were on my Laptops boot drive, so a Quick un-encryption (Good thing I remembered what the key was) and I have them all back again, so for now, here is another 3 of them. XoXo

The Craft


Let me explain it to you.

Well, what can I say? I actually enjoyed the last story I did, so I've decided to do another. This one isn't new, I did it a couple of months back as a caption series, but I cant find it right now, so I have to start fresh, but at least that means I get to let my imagination (what little I do have) run wild with it again. I hope you enjoy this, and I hope I can keep them coming :) XoXo

Hey there, I've been waiting for you to get here, I know you don't recognise me, but I swear to you that it's Adam. Well, I got curious a few months back about that new Fem-X that I read about on some Internet ad, to be honest, I didn't think it would actually work, but it has. That's why I invited you over here, to see if you wanted to try some, its great, I promise you'll love it!
What's it like? I'm not sure I could describe it to you in a way that you'll understand, I know you have the next 2 weeks off work, and each pill only lasts a week, you've got nothing to loose.
OK, ill try and describe what it feels like.
It started back in June, id just been fired and didn't have another job lined up, I was up late on the computer, drinking, and came across the ad, it got me wondering how the other half lives, so I thought, its only $5.95 for a sample, even free postage, what have I got to loose, so I ordered it.
2 days later a package arrived, I read the packet, and thought what the hell as I swallowed. The packet said that the changes will take about a day to commence, and about another 3 – 4 days to complete. What a load of crap I thought, this shit wont do anything, probably just a pain killer.
The next morning when I got out of bed, I felt odd, I could swear I was shorter too, and lighter, a quick measurement confirmed that, id lost 8lbs in my sleep, and was an inch shorter!
Holy crap I thought. Then I went to the store to pick up some things while I still could, I went to 3 different stores, too embarrassed to buy more than a couple of things from each, after all a guy buying one or 2 different sized things could still be shopping for a girlfriend right, but 5 or 6 different sizes? I had to make sure I had all options covered, after all, if this worked, id have no idea what size id end up. By the time I got home, id noticed even more changes, my nipples had began to tingle, and I could feel that my hair had grown about 3 inches. I decided to measure myself every few hours from then on in, just so I could keep track, day one, 6'3”, 85kg. That night I could almost feel breasts, and my skin felt smoother already, I was actually nervous and excited at the same time, but I was worn out too, so off to sleep. When I woke up I almost ran to the mirror to see if there were any changes, and wow! No stubble, perfectly smooth face, I knew I was shorter yet again, down to 5'11” now, and 76kg, definitely smaller, none of the clothes I had fitted me properly, and id have to say that I had about A cup tits, this was the moment that I knew that this stuff did what it said that it did. I spent to morning online again, clothes shopping, not actually buying anything, but seeing what I wanted to buy when I knew what size id end up. By lunch time I was another 1” shorter, and 3kg lighter, I was beginning to be aware of all the changes, I could feel my body shrinking down, my hair growing longer and lightening, I could feel my waistline shrinking, my boobs getting bigger, and my legs more feminine and shapely. That night I was getting so impatient, I wanted the changes to be finished already, but the one thing that I wanted to change the most by now still looked exactly the same as it did before, I looked like one of them trannies at that stage, and was down to 5'9” and 70kg. In the morning I knew the changes were still going, id reckon I would have been a B cup that morning, my waist was so much thinner than my hips now, and my but was nice and rounded, I thought id see if any of the clothes id bought would fit me, and luckily the largest ones I got did, I hoped id get smaller, I mean nothing against bigger girls, but I just didn't want to be one, but at least the clothes fit me now, I had something to wear. I was 5'6” now, and 66kg, I looked like a girl, but still had a penis, only it felt tingly now, a good sign I thought, and I was right, by lunch time, it was so small I had to sit to pee, id already had to change clothes 3 times that morning as the changes seemed to have all sped up, id stopped getting shorter, but was still loosing weight, down to 55kg now, C cup bra, size 8 jeans and top, I was a skinny woman, my hair was now blonde, my face completely feminine, and only one trace of masculinity left. But by that night, I knew it had finished, I was a woman, I couldn't believe it, I felt absolutely great, 4 days ago I was an average guy, and now I was a stunning woman! I didn't get much sleep that night, shopping online, ordering all sorts of things, clothes, lingerie, dresses, shoes, bikinis, make-up, handbags, I spent about $2,000 that night, oh, and of course more Fem-X, another 5 pills, they aren't cheap, but I thought that this is something I'm definitely going to want to do again. The next day I decided to go out, and it was great, I got my coffee cheaper, people were nicer to me down the street, doors got held open for me, it was so much fun, and then that night when I went to the club, it was amazing, I didn't need to pay for a single drink, ill admit, all the guys hitting on me was getting annoying, and while I did think some were pretty cute, I still wasn't that into the idea of being with a guy yet, but I did meet a chick that was into girls, and well, she welcomed me to the pleasures that a woman can have :) The next couple days were spent trying on all the different things id ordered that had arrived, it was actually so much fun, but then after going to bed the 7th night, I woke up in the morning and instantly knew something was wrong, they were gone, no boobs, there was a penis between my legs where there should be nothing, my legs and face were covered in hair, oh no! I was a guy again. I had to go back, I popped another Fem-X the second they arrived, it seemed like forever this time, but it was only a few days like last time, but those days spent as a guy again sucked, and what was worse was it was going to take 4 days again to be how I needed to be. In the morning, I was in for a shock, I was already at the stage that it took 2 days to get to last time, I jumped onto the site and contacted their customer service, the told me not to worry, that every time you take it, the changes occur quicker, and the effects last longer. The next morning, everything felt right, hair long again, no bulge in my panties, and a C cup bra that was filled perfectly. I made sure to pop another pill 7 days later this time, before I had to go back to being a guy again. I probably spent the next month like that, but then had to stop, I had a family funeral that I had to go to. It was the longest week of my life, just waiting for that moment I got home and popped my next pill. This change was by far the best, start to finish in 4 hours, with it all happening that quickly, you can feel it all as well. The last month and a half I've been on the Fem-X now, and I don't intend on ever stopping them, but while it was costing a fortune at first, they actually get cheaper, I was having to take them weekly at first, and at $500 each, that's a lot, but still such a small price to pay. But now after talking to them before placing my last order, I was advised that with the effects lasting longer each time, id be right to take it once a month now, and then in a year or so, ill be down to only 1 a year, and I've heard that 5 years on them, and the changes aren't reversible, I just wish it didn't have to be that long, there is no way id ever go back to being Adam now, not after experiencing the life of a woman.
That's why I bought you over here, to see if you wanted to find out why you'll prefer being a woman, and if you don't like it like you say, well then ill never bother you again. See, that wasn't that hard, now, it seems we have a few days until you'll be finished, maybe I'm ready to be with a guy ;)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Never enough Time

We all wish we had a little more time on our hands, especially a little more time to enjoy the things that we like to do :)


So I know I haven't been very active lately, it's always been something that I just cant dedicate all of my time to, and besides that, sometimes I just simply want to enjoy captions rather than create them, sometimes it can get difficult to come up with new material, especially when there is so many other good caption blogs out there.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Just Imagine :)

 This is a little new for me, but here goes, for ages I've been wanting to do a story, but just never got around to it or had the time, but now I have time, and a theme for the story, so I wont take up any more of your time, and let you get straight into the story, and in the mean time, I'm going to go and dream about it.
Its Thursday afternoon, and I have nothing to do. I could check out some new captions, nah, its hot and I feel like getting out of the house for a while, the beach? No, it will be way too busy down there, plus by the time I get home ill only be hot again, shopping centre? Well I do need to pick up a few things I guess. I pull up at the centre, drive around the car park for half an hour before I find a spot, and then head in, ahh, much better, so much cooler in here. Where to first, food court, I'm hungry, Chinese it is, I order my sweet & sour pork and find a table. That's much better, then as I walk to the bin to throw away my container, I see her, OMG she is gorgeous, about 23 years old, long flowing red hair, porcelain face perfectly made up, amazing blue eyes, about a size 8 - 10 and a perfect body, why cant I stop staring at her, should I go say hi? She is sitting alone after all, no, shell just embarrass me, ill go home, and feel sorry for myself, maybe ill see what stores she visits and see if there is any conversation points first. She's heading into the lingerie store, what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in those dressing rooms. I go and look around in the Gift store nearby, buy a nice looking wall clock to put away for a Christmas present for someone, it's getting near and this is cheap. Ah good, she's coming out, I walk a fair way behind her, don't want to be noticed, I'm not normally like this, following random strangers, but I cant help myself, I cant take my eyes off of her as we walk into the department store, she heads straight for the women's clothing section, excellent, the men's is right next to it, might pick up some new jeans and a couple of t-shirts while I'm here. She's heading into the dressing rooms, ill go check out the outdoor section, ill be able to see her leave from there, I might even walk past and say hi, no, a girl like that would never be interested in me, oh-well, ill see where she goes next, and if its of no use to me, ill head home and leave it at that. She's going into the salon, hey, they're pretty good in their, I always get my hair done by them, what I shame I only had mine done 2 days ago. Ill see what's in that voodoo looking place there, might be a couple things worth buying for gifts. Nope, all crap, except maybe this, different, a vile of water with glitter in it, how original this must be, $5, Debbie in HR is into this kind of thing, one more gift sorted. She's coming out of the salon, I quickly pay for the "Glitter water" and get out of there, she's headed out the front door, oh-well, guess its time for me to leave too, OH CRAP! She just turned around after noticing she left her purse at the salon, I cant turn back too, goodbye my lovely red headed vixen I thought as she was walking past me, just as she was about to come past she trips on a loose tile on the floor and stumbles straight into me, the last thing I feel is the vile brake in my hand, then I'm looking up at me! We've switched bodies, OMG! I'm so excited, but confused at the same time, how did this happen, we both find a place to sit down and talk, the confusion is easy to fake, but its so hard to keep the look of joy off my face, finally, ill be able to go and do all the things that I've been watching her do all day, try on sexy outfits, buy make-up, buy new lingerie, get my nails and hair done, but no, I have to act like I don't want this, like we have to figure out how to switch back, how I have no idea like it happened. We start walking back to retrace our steps to see if we can figure this out, that voodoo store is around the corner, don't even look at it, if she sees you look at it she might realise you went in there, we turn the corner and WTF! Its not there any more, just an empty shop being renovated, well never be able to switch back I think with a huge smile on my face.