Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Hey people, just thought id drop a line, welcome you to this new blog of mine, and give you some background info.
So first up, why do i like doing captions?
Well, i guess it started when i was surfing on Youtube and came across one, i absolutely loved it, the ideas behind them, men becoming women, both against their will, and planned. After watching a few i knew i wanted to start doing them as well, it was an outlet for me when i was with my girlfriend, i couldnt cross dress while she was living with me, i couldnt risk her finding stuff, so this was a great outlet for me, there was no risk of getting caught. After we broke up, i stopped doing cations for a while, now that i was able to dress up every now and again, but eventually, i wanted more captions, so started again. I dont know, its just always been my fantasy since i was about 16, i dont know where it started, or how, i just knew that given a choice, i would choose to be a woman.
So if i want to be a woman so much, why do i transistion?
Thats a simple on, im not gay, im not bi, im very much into women, i know that there are transgender people who are lesbian, but i guess it could be a lot to do with my logical mind, i have no gender identity issues, i just feel i was born the wrong sex, or well, would rather have been born a girl anyway. To put it simply, if i couldnt have it all, i wouldnt want part of it, thats just not me.
So if im not trans, not gay, why would i want to be a woman?
Thats a tricky one, its so many things, the clothes, the way a girl acts, the friends they have, the make up, the hair. I dont know, its everything about them, for example, when i see a hot girl walking down the street, i have 2 fantasys, now most men, when they see a hot girl, imagine being with them, but me, well i imagine that too, but more strongly, i imagine BEING them. You could never understand what thats like, unless you are the same, there are those out there that know exactly what i mean.
So, im a guy, i like captions, and im not gay, so am i a fat ugly guy?
No, i wouldnt say so, im in reasonable shape, round is a shape lol, but no, im about 87kg (thats right, metric bitches lol) and 6'3" (whoa, i thought you said metric, so why feet and inches? coz i have no idea what i am in cm lol)  So, 87kg and 6'3" as you can tell by those figures, im not overweight, im in a perfect weight range for my height, while i may not have a ripped chest and chiseled abs, i have an athletic body shape, im 28, but when i shave get mistaken for 20 maybe 21, and ive been told that im fairly attractive, not that i see that, i guess thats the girl coming out in me, i always look in the mirror and am never happy with what i see.
So now you know a bit more about me, and what im doing here, ill let you get back to the captions, and dont be afraid to comment on them, let me know what you think, add me on google+, and make any requests or ideas for improvement, because if you think something can be done better, or would like to see something different, then please tell me, i do these for you, i never enjoy my own captions as much as others, but once again, thats because i know that ive done them, and like to see something that someone else has done.

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  1. Hi Megan I do understand you. When I was younger and first started dressing I too wanted to be a girl. And did for many years. Now that I am older, married with kids I have come to accept that my femine half is part of what makes me whole and who I am. I still enjoy dressing and being Tanji when I can, and being a father, husband and guy the other times. When I can't fully dress then I often undress with panties etc. for work and on weekends.

    Anyhow I enjoy your so please keep it up. maybe you could do some with slightly older women using married couples in their 30's and 40's. just a thought.

    Thanks again, enjoy !